Data is like electricity. Today people and organisations need data to accomplish so many things.

Data powers our lives and organisations

Data is like electricity. Today people and organisations need data to accomplish so many things.

Organisations are gathering more data than ever before, and the sheer volume keeps on growing. With the increasing number of data, we also see a growing complexity of collecting, processing and analysing it due to increased data variety. And as more people and organisations rely on that data to perform their everyday duties, the demand for access is growing. 


Effective data management is the key to achieve real value within this chaos.

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Data pipelines are complex

Traditional BI models are pretty linear with having IT (who understands data and the complexity of the systems) as responsible for managing the data platform and creating content for people to use on the other side.

But this way of having a "few" who is responsible is not scalable - which is also why you see a significant focus on obtaining a self-service platform in most organisations. If not, they should.


Ideally, organisations have a self-service analytics platform, but this is often seen as compromising data governance from an IT perspective. So Reality is that many organisations end up with a platform that can be a tangled mess, that can be hard to understand and hard to add more data.

Not to forget the tension that rises when people in the organisation, who need data to make decisions, need to wait for "IT" to get that insight. (Is that real-time?)


This typical "OR"-question, is not how we see it. It is not one OR the other. We believe it is Data Governance AND Self-service analytics. Effective data governance and management fosters a better self-service culture as it adds to the confidence in data.

It only works when you have that effective way of governing data and managing your data and quality hereof.


Governed, Self-service BI is about the correct data

To make self-service BI work, you need to make sure your data records are accuratetrusted and secure.

The big question is: As you scale the use, how do you balance the freedom to use the data and governing it.

With the proper data management and governance setup, you will build more trust and accelerate self-service BI adoption.


That was the initial thought behind exMon. Two people who couldn't understand why it should be that difficult to a) monitor the quality of data input b) manage data and c) why should it be so hard to access data within the business without going via IT.


The exMon software enables you to manage your data efficiently, effectively monitor and log exceptions in data records and processes, and govern your data.

Furthermore, the opportunity to communicate internally about your organisation's data quality helps you increase trust, build awareness about the importance of quality data, and using the data platform for data-driven decision-making.

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