Easy data integration with more than 150+ built-in data sources

The report "2020: The State of Data Analysts" revealed that only 50% of Data Analysts time is spent on analyzing data. A truth that is bound in many things, but ineffective data management and time wasted on trying to access data is some of the reasons.


New update to the exMon software makes ETL and data management easier


We have added a native integration to Fivetran within exMon that allows for a lighter ETL process. So you can spend more time analyzing data.


The Data Analyst Survey Says…Source: https://fivetran.com/blog/analyst-survey 


What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is tool built for data professionals with more than 150 pre-built connectors with zero-configuration. By adding Fivetran to as a native integration within our tool, we can now help our clients to connect, extract, load and transform data easier than ever before.

  • You can now manage data delivery from source to your SQL-database with ease, ensuring that your critical data is always accurate and up to date
  • Use the 150+ built-in connectors for the most popular data sources and integrate data into your database for analytics whether it is for Marketing, Finance, Production, HR, Customer Service, Sales or other applications.

Read more about the connectors in Fivetran here or get a free demo of how it works within exMon.

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