LS Retail made a good match for improved data management

The right match for data management platform made budgetting and forecasting faster, easier and more accurate.

The result? Happier clients and decreased cost of doing business.

LS Retail

We talked to Margrét Helga Sævarsdóttir, Financial Controller at LS Retail.

Margrét is responsible for the monthly closings and manages budget and forecast.


LS Retail is a World-Leading company, providing unified ERP software solutions for retail, hospitality, pharmacy and Gas-stations. They operate across more than 140 countries and has been in business for more than three decades. In 2021, they were, once again, awarded with the title of being part of the "Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle".
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LS Retail was looking for a match

As a world-leader within their field and a mission to "make business easy" for their clients. They also needed make business easy themselves to secure their mission.


Margrét is using the exMon Data Management platform to map the accounting structure of LS Retail, to the new structure of the Group organisation. This makes reporting easier and more comparable across business units.


Compare for dublets or missing dimensions

Margrét explains; "I'm very happy with exMon. First I used exMon for increasing the data quality by comparing and finding differences in the budget/forecasting process. For example, if there are double mapped or missing dimensions, then reporting would be wrong.


[e.g. In the forecasting process you need to map each account to specific dimensions (for example product) to be able to report revenue and costs down to product. If the mapping is missing or double, then some revenue is lost or doubled in the reporting]


Right now, they are two principal users implementing new controls with exMon and LS Retail has been increasing the use of exMon Data Process Management platform and by that the continous montoring of their data.


Minimizing the risk of wrong invoices

LS Retail minimize risks of wrong invoices, and thereby unhappy customers and costly rework.

To ensure correct invoices they use exMon to continuously monitor data inputs and secure correctly filled out customer cards/accounts in Dynamics before invoicing the customer.


Margrét explains; "By using a data management platform like exMon, we are now able to proactively keep bad data from influencing our business. We can now correct exceptions as soon as they happen."

She adds; "The simplicity of exMon makes LS Retail more agile in taking new measures against bad data. - exMon is just smooth and simple."



With 13 BU in their Business Central, exMon allows them to get an overview of all their data in one place and not least, the state of their data.


"There's no doubt that exMon simplifies our daily operation and makes our financial processes run more smoothly"





The demand for data management solutions continues to grow as organisations are increasing investment in BI and data software. If you would like to see for yourself how exMon Data Management Platform can help managing your data, we’d like to invite you to sign up for a free trial of our platform and see first hand.

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