[News] New partnership to increase data quality in the Danish market

A new partnership with Fortytwo Analytics in Denmark shall help exMon to obtain a stronger position in the Nordics and especially in the Danish market.

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The increasing focus on data quality and data governance in business intelligence demands a "divide and conquer" approach towards new markets. We have collaborated with companies in several markets outside of Iceland to the benefit of exMon clients.

We have spent more than ten years fine-tuning our data management platform, exMon. Right now, more than a hundred companies are already using exMon to increase operational performance. We are now taking the next steps to help more companies outside of Iceland increase operational performance and trust in their data. Therefore, we are signing our first partner outside Iceland, Fortytwo Analytics.

The partnership will increase awareness of exMon in the Nordics and be essential for efficient implementation and support to existing and new clients in Denmark.


Fortytwo Analytics has shown great expertise.

We have great trust in our new partner and believe this will secure success with the solutions implemented with our clients. Fortytwo has vast experience and expertise within business intelligence and designing and implementing data platforms for Multi-National Enterprises and SMV's.

We are looking forward to our partnership with Fortytwo Analytics. We are sure that they will increase our business in the Nordics and support our mission to empower businesses to make accurate decisions.


Successful with several actors in Denmark

The great interest from various Danish companies is already to see. The exMon data management platform is implemented with success by clients like; Novo Nordisk Fonden, Leo Pharma, Valcon, Familieretshuset, Marel, and Demant.


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