Making Marel Smarter, Faster, And More Efficient With Data Management

To provide their clients with complex, leading-edge equipment that allows them to produce the highest quality products both sustainably and affordably, Marel needs to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their operation runs smoothly from research and development to global supply and service.

Avoiding ‘data anarchy’, and ensuring trusted, quality data so the company can work more efficiently, decrease non-productive time and eliminate costly misinformation across the organization are central to that goal.

The Challenge

- Disconnected systems and inconsistent data flows

- Redundant effort and lack of clear ownership

- Lack of trust in data

- Inconsistent understanding of data



The goal

Overall the goal was to enhance productivity, innovation, and customer service

- Establish and build trust in data

- Ensure data quality

- Secure "single source of truth"

The result

- A Redefined Data culture

- Establishment of measures and reports on Data Quality

- Secure "single source of truth"



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